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Exclusive US Representative is Right Stuff Equipment located in Denver, Colorado.
Right Stuff and Dr Pharm have formed an alliance to promote the Dr Pharm brand in the US Market.  
Please contact
Kevin Weber or Tim Bellio for information regarding any of the Dr Pharm products.
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DR Pharm USA has the finest high speed tablet presses,capsule fillers,blister packaging, bottle filling lines and cartoning machines

Located in Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT our sales team will help you to determine the correct machine for your needs. Our engineers/technicians will install and integrate the equipment into your existing lines. We offer full service repair and provide replacement parts. Our expert staff provides the best engineering solutions for your capsule filling and tablet press manufacturing needs. Ultimately increasing your profits by eliminating down time and the frustration of waiting for replacement parts from overseas is our goal.

Tablet Presses

Capsule Fillers

  • High Speed!
  • Incredible Accuracy
  • Meets cGMP Requirements
  • PLC Controls
  • Fully Supported by Right Stuff
    Equipment in Denver Colorado
  • Sales, Service & Parts
  • Meets cGMP Requirements
  • Capsule Size 00# ~ 5#
  • Fully Supported by Right Stuff
    Equipment in Denver, Colorado
  • Sales, Service & Parts
  • Maximum output capsules per
    minute 200-7000
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Tablet Presses!

Automatic Single High Speed
Automatic Double High Speed
Automatic Triple Station
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Capsule Fillers!
CFM 1200
CFM Pocket 1200
CFM 1200 & 2000
CFM 3500
CFM 7500
CZG-100/16 Counting Line
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